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Easter festivities are a first class religious manifestation that have extreme cultural value. They comprise a range of customs and traditions that have been forged by popular devotion.

Come spring, Peñafiel’s streets systematically turn into a popular, open-air temple, which stage the Passion and Death of Christ. The streets are decked out to accommodate the hoards of visitors that avidly await such a significant event. A week of penitentiary processions and liturgical events that will impact viewers, during which Peñafiel’s cultural and social life focuses on tradition.

The star of Easter in Peñafiel is 'The Descent of the Angel,' which has been declared a Festivity of Regional Tourist Interest. It is staged on Easter Sunday, and despite its unknown origin, the oldest texts to mention the festivity date back to 1799. It is a dramatization, in the style of Autos Sacramentales (allegorical religious plays) which takes place in Plaza del Coso. A tradition that, thanks to popular fervour and devotion, has lived on in Peñafiel generation after generation until present times.

Easter in Peñafiel has the scent of tradition, of ancient brotherhoods that were nothing like contemporary associations. Peñafiel’s contemporary Easter festivities owe a great deal to the establishment of the Congregación de los Padres Pasionistas in the locality in 1895, since this association organizes most of the religious events that are staged in the town.

Nowadays, four penitentiary brotherhoods stage the different Easter events, gathered under the umbrella of the Council of Easter Brotherhoods of Peñafiel in collaboration with the Town Council and the Parish of Peñafiel.

Easter is an important event in many parts of Spain, but in Peñafiel Easter stands out thanks to traditions as deep-rooted as The Descent of the Angel, which hopes to be declared a Festivity of Regional Tourist Interest.

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