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Festivities of Nuestra Señora and San Roque

Between August 14 and 18, Peñafiel hosts the festivities devoted to patron saints Nuestra Señora and San Roque, which attract a larger number of visitors every year. They were declared Festivities of Regional Tourist Interest in 1997.

The chupinazo (firework) kicks off five days of events in which capeas (amateur bullfights), with one bull inside and another outside the bullring, attract dozens of thousands of people. Not surprising, since Plaza del Coso is the only location in the world to stage this type of capeas.

There are encierros (bull runs) every day during the festivities, which start at half past nine in the morning when the young bulls are released from Valdobar park. The famous capeas are staged in Plaza del Coso after the bull run.

At five in the afternoon, the long-awaited Chúndara (procession) beings in Plaza de España. This extraordinary, colourful procession gathers Peñafiel’s inhabitants and visitors alongside authorities and the Municipal Band, who all walk through Calle Derecha al Coso, Calle La Parra to end up entering through the passage that leads into the Plaza del Coso, listening to and signing an adaptation of the pasodoble 'La Entrada' by Esquembre.

The procession, and the song which has almost become an anthem for the town of Peñafiel, lasts over two hours, and neighbours throw water from the balconies giving in to popular demand.

The Chúndara kicks off the traditional bullfighting events and capeas with one bull inside and another outside the bullring.

During these festivities, the fun focuses on the bulls, the Chúndara and the range of events programmed to cater for the thousands of people that visit the heart of the Wine Region of the Ribera del Duero every year from August 14 to 18.

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