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Traditional and seasonal products

The staple of Peñafiel’s traditional gastronomy is suckling lamb roast in a wood oven. Nevertheless, there are also a host of other typical dishes that complete the culinary variety of this area, where pork products made after the slaughter occupy a star position. Chorizo, salchichón, morcilla (blood sausage), ham, torrezno (fried rashers of bacon), ear or mondejo (tripe) are just a small example of the myriad traditional pork dishes served in Peñafiel’s restaurants.

However, meat isn’t the only thing on the menu in the heart of the Wine Region of the Ribera del Duero, a location where chicory has ruled in salads for over two decades, when a company devoted to this vegetable set up in the town. With tomato, anchovies or with a trickle of olive oil, chicory is the perfect choice for those wanting to taste delicious autochthonous products while visiting Peñafiel.

The region has always favoured dry land products and the area is renowned for its excellent bread and pastry. The torta de aceite or torta de coscoja, a light crispy biscuit made with oil, has a splendid texture and lovely golden colour. It is a big favourite in all the bakeries in the town, which also make traditional pastries which are famous in the whole of the region. A passion for bread has made this product the star ingredient of one of the region’s most typical starters: garlic soup, a dish that has been used forever by workers to replenish their energy after a long day’s work, to the point that it is even featured in a traditional regional proverb. “Tan sano es el trabajo como lo es la sopa de ajo,” i.e. “Garlic soup is as good for you as a hard day’s work.”

Seasonal products
Peñafiel has a rich, varied gastronomy, but it is enhanced depending on the season of the year. An autumn visit to Peñafiel is the ideal time to discover the region’s enormous variety of wild mushrooms. King oyster mushrooms or milk cap mushrooms are two of the most typical dishes during this season, although other mushrooms are available all year round.

Furthermore, Peñafiel has a long hunting tradition that has been maintained and preserved over the years. Therefore, game is a favourite in the heart of the Wine Region of the Ribera del Duero, notable dishes include hare with rice, wild boar with potatoes or quail and partridge cooked in different ways.
Peñafiel’s culinary traditions are still observed by bakeries that make century-old seasonal products on specific dates. One of those such products is hornazo de Peñafiel: bread made with flour, aniseed and eau-de-vie, stuffed with chorizo, boiled egg or pork loin, a dish that is only prepared during the Easter holidays.

River crabs are another of Peñafiel’s typical seasonal products. They are available in summer and cooked in a variety of ways, although they are usually presented grilled or in a tomato stew.

All in all, Peñafiel is a combination of culture, history and wine, but no visit to the town is complete without tasting these delicacies, because the heart of the Wine Region of the Ribera del Duero appeals to all of our senses.

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